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Poll Results

Poll 103: Psychic poll! Just think your answer, I'll post the results.

Total votes: 1577

Uh-huh. Like this is really going to work: 684 (43.4%)
Mmmm... naked chicks...: 319 (20.2%)
I bet you don't guess this!: 172 (10.9%)
Heh. Now that's a clever poll idea: 148 (9.4%)  
Ha! Lucky I'm wearing my tinfoil hat!: 99 (6.3%)
Oooh, that's cool! I wonder how he does it: 90 (5.7%)
I hope the boss doesn't catch me goofing off at work: 36 (2.3%)
You killed Paris! You bastard!: 23 (1.5%)
Oh god, please don't let him pick up the thoughts about the whipped cream, that would be bad...: 6 (0.4%)  

Note: The only actual answer offered as an option in the poll form was "Okay! I'm thinking now!" All the answers above were picked up by my astounding mind-reading abilities.

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