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Poll Results

Poll 92: How do you treat these polls?

Total votes: 1493

Answer honestly and with thought: 465 (31.1%)
[Actual stuffed ballots]: 299 (20.0%)
Pick the smart-arse answer: 268 (18.0%)
With contempt: 187 (12.5%)
Agonise over the best answer: 130 (8.7%)
I don't answer them: 91 (6.1%)
Pick the most intelligent-looking answer: 75 (5.0%)  
Pick the self-referential answer: 68 (4.6%)
Stuff the ballot: 61 (4.1%)
Answer randomly: 51 (3.4%)
Lie my butt off: 36 (2.4%)
Pick the least obvious answer: 34 (2.3%)
Hack my own answer in: 27 (1.8%)

I normally remove stuffed ballots, but there were significantly more than normal this time, and since they clearly have something to do with the poll question I've included them. They don't count in the total votes however, which is why the percentages here add up to 120%.

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