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Poll Results

Poll 68: Are you answering this poll with a 'No'?

Total votes: 932

Yes: 553 (59.3%)
No: 379 (40.7%)
[<choose>: 322 (34.5%)]  
[Maybe: 8 (0.8%)]

There were a lot of people choosing "<choose>" for this one, so I included them in the results. And a non-insignificant number of people hacked in the answer "maybe".

Juha-Matti Tapio - whose first language is not English - wrote:

Did you mean:
a) Are you going to answer this poll with the answer 'No'?
b) Are you going to answer this poll which includes the word 'No'?

I.e. what part of the sentence does that 'with' point to?
I had meant (a), and the possible interpretation (b) in fact never occurred to me. But if you interpret the question in that way, then it is indeed possible to answer it without producing a logical paradox. (Why yes, I will answer this "poll with a 'No'".) I have to admit, that's very cool.

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