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Poll Results

Poll 57: How often should Cliffhangers strips appear?

Total votes: 1198

At random intervals like the other themes: 609 (50.8%)
Every 3 days, like they do now: 228 (19.0%)
Every 4 or 5 days is enough, but keep it regular: 226 (18.9%)  
Much less frequently than now: 98 (8.2%)
More frequently than now: 37 (3.1%)

I'd already made my mind up on returning Cliffhangers to random timing, but I thought I'd run this poll to see what people thought about the idea. And it looks like most of you will be pleased with it.

To those who may be disappointed, well... I am sorry. But as you can see, no matter what I do, I can't please everyone. I would have gone to random timing no matter what the outcome of this poll because I felt it was the right thing to do, as far as my creative process is going.

I still have some strips at the regular spacing in my buffer, so the change will take effect... at random. :-)

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