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Poll Results

Poll 54: What new theme would you like to see?

Total votes: 1638

Imperial Rome: 274 (16.7%)
Steampunk: 257 (15.7%)
All of the above!: 248 (15.1%)
Film Noir: 201 (12.3%)
Post-Apocalypse: 156 (9.5%)
Gothic Horror: 155 (9.5%)
Cyberpunk: 116 (7.1%)
Modern Conspiracy: 110 (6.7%)
None, you have enough: 74 (4.5%)
Anthropomorphic Animals: 47 (2.9%)  

This poll collected votes faster than any previous poll. It also prompted a lot of attempts at ballot-stuffing. It seems many of you have very strong opinions about this one. Imperial Rome and Steampunk led all the way, and were neck and neck, swapping the lead multiple times. In the end, it looks like Rome has prevailed.

This poll, by the way, is not a promise that I will actually do any of these themes. It may guide my future plans though.

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