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Poll Results

Poll 50: Best James Bond?

Total votes: 900

One of the other guys: 274 (30.4%)
Connery. In Goldfinger: 211 (23.4%)
Connery. In Dr No: 123 (13.7%)
Connery. In From Russia With Love: 119 (13.2%)  
Connery. In You Only Live Twice: 83 (9.2%)
Connery. In Diamonds are Forever: 47 (5.2%)
Connery. In Thunderball: 43 (4.8%)

Well, in this totally unbiased poll, Connery beats every other Bond put together with nearly 70% of the total votes!

A few people wrote to mention David Niven or Woody Allen as their favourites (yes, I've seen Casino Royale too...).

One person suggested Connery in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, with the comment "What? That didn't happen in your universe? Man, you've missed out..." Indeed... that is a very good Bond film, and Connery's presence in it would probably make it rank even higher than the ever-popular Goldfinger.

I'm surprised Thunderball ranks so low.

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