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Poll Results

Poll 45: Most exotic place you've visited?

Total votes: 1138

Across an ocean: 450 (39.5%)
Another continent: 195 (17.1%)
Across an international border: 190 (16.7%)  
Across the country: 108 (9.5%)
A few countries away: 93 (8.2%)
The next state/province/county: 34 (3.0%)
Space: 34 (3.0%)
Into town: 14 (1.2%)
The "big city": 14 (1.2%)
Antarctica: 6 (0.5%)

This one prompted several comments along the lines of:
This is unfair to Europeans, who can cross several countries without leaving the continent.
This is unfair to Australians, who can't get to another country without crossing an ocean.
This is unfair to Americans, who can travel the width of Europe without leaving the country.
How do you define "exotic"? Germany is exotic to someone from Kenya, but not to a native, and vice versa.

Yes. That was the point. I like making polls that make you think, rather than just blindly choosing an answer.

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