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Poll Results

Poll 36: Where in Europe is Australia?

Total votes: 969

You mean the Former Yugoslav Republic of Australia?: 538 (55.5%)  
Off the coast of Italy: 173 (17.9%)
In northern England: 132 (13.6%)
No vote: 65 (6.7%)
Between Germany and Hungary: 61 (6.3%)
Near Romania somewhere: 47 (4.9%)
Between France and Spain: 18 (1.9%)

This was the most controversial poll yet. I received several e-mails from people and some hacked write-in CGI votes. They fell into four categories:

  • "Is this some sort of joke?" - Well, uh... yes.
  • "Er. Australia isn't in Europe." - Well, uh... yes.
  • "How dare you! I'm Australian, and I'm insulted that you imply we're so obscure that nobody knows where we are!" - Well, uh... I'm Australian too, actually.
  • "How dare you! I'm American and I'm insulted that you imply we're too ignorant to know where Australia is!" - Well, uh... I didn't say anything about Americans. I'm amused that you would jump to that conclusion, though.

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