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Poll Results

Poll 27: Tomato?

Total votes: 769

FRUIT!!!: 284 (36.9%)
Fruit: 167 (21.7%)
VEGETABLE!!!: 130 (16.9%)  
Vegetable: 107 (13.9%)
Fruit!: 50 (6.5%)
Vegetable!: 31 (4.0%)
[Stuffed: 670 (87.0%)]

There are some interesting stats to come out of this poll:

  • 510 people (66.3%) voted for fruit, while 259 (33.7%) opted for vegetable.
  • 414 people (53.8%) are really strident in their conviction that a tomato is one or the other option, while 274 (35.6%) are quite mild about it. Only 81 (10.5%) are of middling strength conviction.
  • One person out there apparently likes stuffed tomatoes so much that he tried to stuff the ballot with 670 votes.
  • A few people wrote to tell me that in 1887 the Supreme Court of the United States actually ruled that a tomato is a vegetable.
  • This question is a really good way to start an argument.

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