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Poll Results

Poll 11: Which character would make the best US President?

Total votes: 674

Cthulhu: 108 (16.0%)
Head Death: 100 (14.8%)
The Allosaurus: 83 (12.3%)
Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: 77 (11.4%)  
Draak: 60 (8.9%)
Steve: 48 (7.1%)
Terry: 35 (5.2%)
Nigerian Finance Minister: 30 (4.5%)
Erwin: 27 (4.0%)
Hitler's Brain: 26 (3.9%)
Prof. North Dakota Jones: 21 (3.1%)
Alvissa: 20 (3.0%)
OTHER: 14 (2.1%)
Colonel Haken: 10 (1.5%)
Captain Spatula: 7 (1.0%)
Spanners: 5 (0.7%)
Lambert: 4 (0.6%)

It seems even my mighty campaign for the Allosaurus cannot overcome the feeling among the public that one should not choose the lesser evil, and Cthulhu has come out on top. I'm surprised that Head Death did so well too, although I have to admit he does know how to run a very large and powerful organisation. It's interesting that the top 5 candidates are all non-human. I think this says something insightful about the feelings of today's voters.

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