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Poll Results

Poll 3: What helps most to make IWC cool?

Total votes: 557

Commentary annotations: 118 (21.2%)  
Obscure geeky gags: 108 (19.4%)
Lego!: 74 (13.3%)
Science lessons: 56 (10.1%)
Role-playing stuff: 54 (9.7%)
Sleazy puns: 52 (9.3%)
Interesting characters: 30 (5.4%)
Extended story arcs: 29 (5.2%)
Dinosaurs!: 18 (3.2%)
One-off jokes: 9 (1.6%)
Social commentary rants: 6 (1.1%)
Site design/navigation: 3 (0.5%)

Several people asked me why I didn't include an "All of the above" option, becase they wanted to vote for that. I considered it, but realised that almost everyone would probably choose that option, and I wouldn't actually learn anything from this poll.

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