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Irregular Podcast! #21

2009-08-12: Irregular Podcast! #21 - "Summon Bigger Fish" (2:43, 3.20 MB)


You're just a lowly Cheddar Monk,
Always running out of tricks;
But a spell I know will change your luck
When you get to level six.
It doesn't burn like Fireball spells,
And it won't boost like Greater Wish;
But the thing I always find excels
Is Summon Bigger Fish!

To make the Gungans food to eat,
Summon bigger fish!
To save you from the laundry fleet,
Summon bigger fish!
To send your foes into retreat,
Without this spell you're incomplete:
Summon bigger fish...
Summon bigger, summon bigger fish!

Doo doo doo-doo, doo doo do-doo-doo, doo doo doo-doo, doo doo doo-doo!

(spoken) "Jar Jar, you're a genius!"

When laser sword diplomacy fails,
And the giant sand creature's got you on the rails.
Don't despair, it'll soon turn its tail,
When that quickly growing shadow, it becomes a whale!

There's no spell as versatile,
To perfect your brilliant plans;
When you've got to feed a crocodile,
Or you crave a Hake Diane.
You've tried a ten-foot laser pole,
And the thing just doesn't reach;
This spell you'll never need re-roll.
Once more, into the breach!

If things look grim just wait and see,
Summon bigger fish!
Re-stock fish markets for a fee;
Summon bigger fish!
To wipe the smirk off his goatee;
Your chocolate dice just rolled a three?
Summon bigger fish...
Summon bigger, summon bigger fish!

(spoken) "I really must try that spell more often."


All instruments and singing by Evan Dean.
Spoken words by Andrew Shellshear.
Engineered by Andrew Shellshear.
Lyrics by David Karlov.
Music by Evan Dean.

Programme Notes

This is another Darths & Droids song, this time with lyrics written by one of us, with music again by the extra-talented Evan Dean of The People People.

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