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Irregular Podcast! #20

2009-07-14: Irregular Podcast! #20 - "Darths & Droids Pledge of Allegiance" (0:43, 0.84 MB)


I pledge allegiance to Darths & Droids;
You are the one that I adore.
All other websites must be destroyed;
Scrub them from their data-stores 'til you don't see 'em any more!

Then all will worship the Darths & Droids,
Over the great wide Galaxy.
Give me my webcomic or give me death;
Darths & Droids, won't you marry me?


All instruments and vocals by Evan Dean.
Engineered by Andrew Shellshear.
Written by Evan Dean.

Programme Notes

This song was written for us by Evan Dean of The People People, who is a friend of Andrew S.'s. Check out his band page, and maybe buy a CD off him!

Oh, and the song is about our other webcomic, Darths & Droids.

We have a small project going where we invite you to record yourself singing the Darths & Droids Pledge of Allegiance and send us the result. If you want to join in, here's an instrumental version of the song to use.


"Darths & Droids Pledge of Allegiance" in Hebrew (0:39, 0.76 MB) - translated and sung by עלייאיסט.

Hebrew Lyrics

הרני נאמן לדרת'ס אנד דרוידס,
הוובקומיק הכי מושלם.
כל אתר אחר חסר כל נוי;
מחוק אותם מן העולם לחלוטין, ואז כולם

יודו וימליכו לדרת'ס אנד דרוידס
כמלך מלכי המלכים.
טוב למות בעד קומיקינו.
דרת'ס אנד דרוידס, התתחתן איתי?

Hebrew Lyrics Translation

I hereby declare myself loyal to Darths & Droids
The most perfect webcomic
All other websites lack any beauty;
Erase them entirely from the world, and then everyone

will give thanks to and crown Darths & Droids
as King of Kings.
It is good to die for one's comic.
Darths & Droids, will you marry me?

Hebrew Programme Notes

The first two lines of the second verse consist of some very common motifs in Jewish prayer. The third line is a bastardisation of a quote from Joseph Trumpeldor, the Israeli equivalent to Patrick Henry, who said "It is good to die for one's country", the Israeli equivalent to "Give me liberty or give me death."

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