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Educational Annotations

Some of the comics have (more or less) informative annotations on a variety of topics. This is a list of the more educational ones, sorted by subject tags. Some annotations are listed under multiple subjects.

Comics tagged: engineering

  • 805 - Viaducts; aqueducts
  • 3289 - Trigonometry; surveying
  • 3310 - Bridges
  • 3345 - Flying; history of flight
  • 3944 - Portmanteau words; portmanteau luggage; Oliver Heaviside; complex numbers in electrical engineering; the Heaviside layer
  • 4038 - Herodotus and his Histories; construction of the Pyramids; the Herodotus Machine
  • 4530 - Henri Coandă and the Coandă-1910 aeroplane
  • 4547 - Radio signal modulation, communicating with aliens

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