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<   No. 981   2005-10-03   >

Comic #981

1 Iki Piki: Incoming e-mail. Hmmm... notice of a CyberSpace(TM) 7.1 software patch.
2 [e-mail]: Dear CyberSpace 7.1 customer, Release 7.1 contained a bug that resulted in the consumption of several hundred petabytes of memory cube space under certain circumstances. This memory was used to temporarily store a full mindscan of anyone killed while in cyberspace, to allow a virtual reality simulation of them. However, this memory was not released on exiting cyberspace. This patch fixes the resulting storage leak by deleting all temp files.
3 Iki Piki: Um... Spanners...

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Sure, they can still use Mozilla Thunderbird in the far future. Why not?

2014-12-17 Rerun commentary: The e-mail addresses here are slightly interesting. Obviously CyberSoft, the company that releases CyberSpace(TM), is a commercial entity, thus the .com part of their address. But equally obviously, they are based on Earth, hence the .earth suffix as their top-level domain. Presumably galactic network addresses are suitably distinguished by the simple addition of a planetary identifier level.

Iki Piki's e-mail address is a little more interesting. Since he lives on an interplanetary spaceship, his address is attached to the ship registration rather than a specific planet. The ship name is Legacy, and the 043825 is presumably some kind of registration number. The .reg top level domain indicates the spaceship registry.

Not only is Iki Piki using Thunderbird as his e-mail client in the far future, he's using the retro 2005 skin and icon set.

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