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<   No. 924   2005-08-07   >

Comic #924

1 Spanners: For clone backups to effectively replace an individual, they require a recent mind download, which we don't have for Paris.
2 Iki Piki: You mean...?
3 Spanners: We could recreate her physical body, but she'd be an empty shell with no personality or memories of us.
4 Serron: So... What's the down side to this?

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2014-10-11 Rerun commentary: Ah, now we get into the philosophical implications of cloning a body separately from copying the mind of the person.

In some sense cloning a body is far less problematic than copying someone's mind. If you create a living human body, it will grow and develop its own personality and memories. It won't be the same person as the original person any more than two identical twins are the same person.

On the other hand, if you copy someone's mind, complete with their memories and personality quirks, things start getting complicated extremely quickly. Fortunately the technology to do this (if it's at all possible) is so far off that we don't need to deal with it anywhere but in speculative fiction yet.

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