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<   No. 900   2005-07-14   >

Comic #900

1 [caption]: We regret to inform you that there will be no masterpiece of Irregular Webcomic humour today due to writer exhaustion.
1 {Me collapsed exhausted onto the desk}
2 [caption]: Experts are working on a scientific solution to the lack of ideas problem as we speak. Type. Whatever.
2 {Yoda, Doctor, Hitler's Brain, and Spanners around a table covered in gadgets}
3 [caption]: Writers are working on new and funnier jokes.
3 {Shakespeare typing away on his computer}
4 [caption]: And we have a contingency plan...
4 {Steve with the Allosaurus straining against chains}

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900 strips - that's a lot. When I started this strip back in 2002 I debated how many digits to use to number the files. I thought three would be enough, but then decided that I should go with four, just in case. I'm really starting to feel glad I did that...

2014-09-13 Rerun commentary: Four digits was such a good idea that I've since gone with a four digit numbering scheme for all my subsequent comics, except for Planet of Hats (which I'm numbering with actual Star Trek episode numbers). And already Comments on a Postcard, Square Root of Minus Garfield, and Darths & Droids have all gone into the thousands. And Lightning Made of Owls is almost two-thirds of the way there (and will get there faster if more people contribute comics - hint, hint!!).

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