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<   No. 798   2005-04-03   >

Comic #798

1 Spanners: {reaching a virtual computer terminal in cyberspace} Ah, this is where we upgrade the ship's operating system. {starts typing at it}
2 Serron: How exactly does this upgrade enhance the ship's capabilities? Boost the hyperdrive efficiency? Strengthen shields?
3 Iki Piki: Or maybe adjust life support for optimal conditions? Add new disease treatments to the sick bay database? Improve the weapons?
4 Spanners: It allows the main viewscreen to open the latest version PDF files.

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Anyone who's ever downloaded a PDF document and discovered their installed version of Acrobat Reader won't open it because the file needs a newer version will be able to empathise with our poor space crew.

2014-05-17 Rerun commentary: The very next day they have to do this all over again to install the latest Adobe Flash viewer.

I'd never really thought about it before, but a sophisticated technological ship like you see in Star Trek is going to have a dedicated IT and system administration crew just to ensure the ship's computer systems keep operating properly. This should provide one of the main characters, along with the captain, science officer, ship's doctor, navigator, helm, weapons officer, and ship's counsellor.

Meet Lieutenant Commander Sylvia Patterson, Chief IT Specialist.

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