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<   No. 731   2005-01-26   >

Comic #731

1 {scene: Paris' headless body still lies beside the avatars of the other crew members in cyberspace}
1 Iki Piki: Quick! Let's get the upgrade done so we can leave cyberspace! We might be in time to save Paris!
2 Spanners: It's not that easy. Time passes at a different subjective rate in cyberspace.
3 Iki Piki: If we spend a month here it's only a minute in realspace - I know! That's what I'm counting on.
4 Spanners: Other way around...
4 Serron: Dibs on not cleaning up the body...

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Want something to do? Here, improve this Wikipedia article on cyberspace. It's poorly formatted and not Wikified.

2014-02-28 Rerun commentary: Needless to say, the Wikipedia article on Cyberspace is much better today than it was back when this comic was first published. Yay for wiki magic!

The article seems to give fairly short shrift to the idea of cyberspace as a literary alternate reality, which is of course what I'm going for in these comics.

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