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<   No. 704   2004-12-30   >

Comic #704

1 Me: {head on fist, thinking hard in front of the computer} Wow, two years I've been making this comic. It's tough work. Good ideas are getting harder and harder to find.
2 [sound]: Knock! Knock!
2 Me: Gah. Who could that be? {goes to answer door}
3 Charity Collector Guy: {at door} Hi! I'm taking donations for the Worn Out Comics Artists Relief Fund.
3 Me: Crikey!
4 Me: {in bed, waking up in fright} Gad, what a dream... I've definitely been working too hard...

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Yes folks! This is the second anniversary of Irregular Webcomic!

You know, it seems like a lot longer.

And no, I haven't really run out of ideas. I just thought this was a cool thing to do for this strip.

Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve, all.

2014-01-28 Rerun commentary: It's funny that I'm in bed, wearing the same T-shirt that I had on in the dream.

The photo on the bookshelf just above my ear in panel 2 is me at my Ph.D. graduation, by the way. Academic dress varies by country and by university within each country. The dress for a Ph.D. graduate at the University of Sydney is a black gown faced with scarlet cloth, a scarlet silk hood, and black trencher. It's based on the dress of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

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