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<   No. 588   2004-09-05   >

Comic #588

1 Pleydell-Smith: Shall I bring them in for questioning?
1 Stud: Good lord, no. I want to meet them socially.
2 Pleydell-Smith: You can join our bridge game tonight. Do you know how to play?
3 Stud: I'm sure I can pick it up quickly. Ñ always says I'd make a good dummy.
4 Pleydell-Smith: You're sure he was talking about bridge?

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The governor's assistant's name is Mr. Pleydell-Smith, in case you were curious. That's the character's name given in the credits for Dr No, even though his name is never mentioned in the film.

2013-09-14 Rerun commentary: Pleydell-Smith is named in the original Ian Fleming novel on which the movie version of Dr No was based. His first name is never given in either version.

It's interesting that in the book version an entire chapter is devoted to the minutiae of the bridge game in which James Bond plays, and how he sets up an unbelievable winning hand for himself, while in the movie this is completely glossed over. of Moonraker, an entire chapter is devoted to the minutiae of a bridge game in which James Bond plays, and how he sets up an unbelievable winning hand for himself over the villain Drax, while in the movie version (which admittedly is barely based on the book beyond the title and the name of the villain) this is completely removed. Having seen how the Daniel Craig version of Casino Royale replaced the novel's baccarat with Texas Hold'em poker since it was more modern and exciting, it'd be interesting to see what they did with a remake of Dr No Moonraker that hewed closer to the book. Would modern movie makers include a long scene detailing a bridge game? Or would they change it to some other game?

Settlers of Catan or Dungeons & Dragons, perhaps? Now that would be cool.

EDIT: Changed my error above in mixing up details of the book versions of Dr No and Moonraker. And you know, they really should make a remake of Moonraker that sticks closer to the novel. Since the movie was one of the worst Bond films in the series.

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