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<   No. 4700   2022-02-04   >

Comic #4700

1 SFX: Flash!
2 Paris: Serron! You were supposed to establish communication with the alien! Not steal its wallet!
3 Serron: I did establish communication with it.
4 Serron: It’ll know never to mess with me again!

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Many years ago I acquired a copy of the board game Merchant of Venus. Unlike most other space-based games it wasn't about military conquest or colonisation. I can't find the exact quote online, but the back of the box had a blurb something like:

Explore strange new worlds. Meet alien life forms. And rip them off!

The premise is basically that. Open interstellar trade routes and become fabulously wealthy by taking advantage of alien markets.

I didn't realise until now, but there's a revamped second edition version of the game, released in 2012. I enjoyed the original back in the day, and now I'm curious to try the updated version sometime.

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