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<   No. 4598   2021-09-08   >

Comic #4598

1 Dustin: This is a government facility with barbed wire and video cameras and armed guards!
2 Dustin: How are we supposed to get inside?
3 Mike: Boltcutters and moxie!
4 Dustin: I left my moxie at home.
4 Lucas: Don’t worry, he brought enough for everyone.

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I'm not sure if everyone reading this knows what moxie is. If you didn't, now you do.

I first encountered this word when playing the roleplaying game Paranoia (1st edition), which uses Moxie as one of the basic character attributes, along with Strength, Endurance, Agility, Manual Dexterity, Chutzpah, Mechanical Aptitude, and Power Index (for using mutant powers). Later editions of the game changed this list.

It's a very US-specific slang word, and somewhat outdated as well, which is why I expect a significant portion of this audience might not have met it before.

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