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<   No. 4591   2021-08-30   >

Comic #4591

1 Paris: I’ve got it! These aliens must communicate through narrative imagery by reference to the individuals and places which appear in their mytho-historical accounts.
2 Paris: They communicate entirely by metaphor! For example, as if to communicate romance, I said, “Juliet, on her balcony.”
3 {beat}
4 Serron: The Principal, evaluating Billy Madison.

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I saw some comments in the forums from people who had already kind of worked out what was going on here. This sequence is an homage to the famous "Darmok" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The basic idea of the episode is that the Enterprise crew encounter an alien species whose gimmick is precisely what Paris says in the first two panels. I won't reveal any more of the episode plot, but suffice to say it's famous for a reason.

If the punchline in the comic is a bit too contemporary for you, the following may strike you as more hilarious:

4 Serron: Hippolyta, commenting on Pyramus and Thisbe.

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