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<   No. 4532   2021-06-08   >

Comic #4532

1 Dustin: Okay, where do we start looking for Will?
1 Lucas: There are three obvious options.
2 Lucas: The spooky forest, the backyard pool where Mike’s sister’s friend Barb vanished inexplicably after blood dripped from her cut hand into the water...
3 Lucas: Or the mysterious restricted government research lab outside town that always has that weird lightning over it.
4 Mike: This town is kind of uncanny when you think about it.
4 Lucas: It could be worse. We could live in Maine.

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We've been following the exploits of Mike and his friends, so we never saw the incident with Nancy's friend Barb, which was shown in the TV show. In fact, we never met Barb in the comic at all.

Which I kinda feel bad about, because Barb was a popular character with viewers until she got killed off. But as I'm doing this with much more of a "Mike's point of view" style, it's only one of several scenes that have been skipped.

If you've seen the TV series you might assume that some of those scenes actually happened off-screen in the comic...

... or maybe not. I guess we'll see.

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