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<   No. 4528   2021-06-02   >

Comic #4528

1 Receptionist: Sir, Insanely Overpowered Fireballs has hired the Devil as his lawyer.
1 Head Death: What!? Get Hell on the phone, right now!
2 Phone voice: Hello, you’ve reached Hell. If you know which Circle of Hell you’d like, press that number now, otherwise, press #.
3 Phone voice: If you’re calling about bringing someone back from the dead, press 1. About our loyalty card scheme, press 2. ...
4 Caption: 17 minutes later:
4 Phone voice: Thank you. We’re currently experiencing a high volume of calls. The next operator will answer at an indeterminate time.
4 Head Death: Aiiee.

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I originally wrote this strip as follows:

1 Receptionist: Sir, Insanely Overpowered Fireballs has hired the Devil as his lawyer.
1 Head Death: What!? Get Hell on the phone, right now!
2 {beat}
3 {beat}
4 Head Death: Well?
4 Receptionist: We’re still on hold, sir.

But in between writing that and assembling the strip I had to call a few insurance companies[1]. One in particular, which shall remain nameless, guided me through a deep series of automated phone menus, before finally, after about two minutes, landing me at a spot where it said that there would be long delays until someone picked up my call.


I hung up and tried a different insurance company. And came up with a better idea for this strip.

[1] To organise public liability insurance for operating a market stall. I've been doing stalls at a couple of different suburban markets for over a year now, trying to make some income from my photography. The markets I've been going to offer per-market-day insurance for a small additional fee over the stall rental, which is what I've been using so far. But I'm planning to try a new market next month, and they don't offer insurance in this fashion, and they require that you be insured for public liability. So I had to seek out my own annual policy.

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