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<   No. 437   2004-04-07   >

Comic #437

1 {scene: The road from Kingston airport to Government House. The driver Stud met in the airport is driving him. A car driven by the shifty guy who watched Stud use the phone is following.}
1 Stud: What's up, driver?
1 Driver: There's someone following us.
2 Stud: Quick, turn here and pull over!
2 [sound]: Squeal!
3 Driver: Good thinking, sir. We've lost them.
4 Stud: Sorry, what? I just wanted to stop and duck behind a bush. It was a long flight from London and the toilet was backed up.

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2013-03-22 Rerun commentary: I can promise there were indeed palm trees in Jamaica in 1962.

It's funny how LEGO car models are on a completely different scale to the minifigures, which results in them often being styled as single-seater convertibles. A standard minifig is about 38 mm tall. If we assume a height of 175 cm, that gives a scale of 46:1. At this scale, a standard sedan car should be about 100 mm long and 45 mm wide... which is about right for a LEGO car model - except there's no way you can fit four minifigs into one! The problem is that minifigs are incredibly wide for their height. If you scale one up compared to a normal human, you'll see that a standard LEGO minifig is proportioned roughly like a sumo wrestler.

They clearly need to start some sort of anti-obesity campaign in LEGOland.

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