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<   No. 4341   2020-09-14   >

Comic #4341

1 Martian 1: Let’s consult the wisdom of the ancient Martian archives.
2 Martian Archive: {a holographic representation of an ancient long-dead Martian} Yes, my children?
2 Martian 1: O Great Archive, we wish to conquer Earth.
3 Martian Archive: A worthy goal. You will need ten million Martian soldiers!
3 Martian 1: Er... There are three of us left.
4 Martian Archive: Okay, you’re screwed.

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I've been reading the core rulebooks for the Star Wars roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games: Edge of the Empire, Force and Destiny, and Age of Rebellion, and I've learnt a thing or two about Star Wars that I hadn't known before.

In the setting, there exist things called holocrons, which are essentially holographic chronicles that Force users use to record stuff - such as their daily journals, any useful information they come across in their travels, and, importantly, information about using the Force and lessons for how to learn and train to use it. Given the paucity of trained Force users in the era of the Empire and the Rebellion, ancient holocrons are thus incredibly valuable resources for fledgling Force sensitives to learn more about the Force.

Holocrons typically have a user interface that is a holographic projection of the original owner, now acting as a semi-sentient gateway to the knowledge contained within. While not truly sentient, the holographic projection can converse and answer questions in an artificial intelligence sort of way. We don't see any holocrons in the main Star Wars movies, but they are described and featured in much of the extended universe fiction.

Anyway, that's what inspired this strip. I thought it might be cool if the Martians have some sort of similar archive of ancient Martian knowledge, with a sassy holographic interface.

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