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<   No. 408   2004-03-08   >

Comic #408

1 [newspaper]: RAAARRRHH!!! Allosaurus launches White House bid.
1 [newspaper]: WASHINGTON - The race for the US Presidency has been thrown wide open by the declaration of an Allosaurus that he will be contesting the November election as an independent candidate. Announcing a policy of raw meat for all and promoting global warming to usher in a new Age of the Dinosaurs, the Allosaurus was greeted with enthusiastic cheering from the crowd, mostly of therapods but with a few ornithischia and humans also in attendance. The Allosaurus announced a campaign
1 [newspaper]: said he will be making a whistle-stop campaign tour to every state of the union over the next few weeks to build support for his platform. "Current politicians are poseurs," the Allosaurus asserted in his address, to wild applause. "I say put a real carnivorous predator in power!" The Allosaurus went on to say that humans would be put to good use in his Administration, serving as fodder for an all-dinosaur Cabinet dedicated to making America prehistoric again. Political analysts predict that the Allosaurus' policies will draw votes away from G.W. Bush
1 [newspaper, photo caption]: The candidate relaxes after ripping apart and devouring several demonstrators opposed to his policies.

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Yes, he was born in Montana.

2013-02-16 Rerun commentary: Ah yes, the beginning of the White House campaign for the Allosaurus. He would of course ultimately go on to win the Presidency not only in 2004, but get re-elected in 2008 and 2012. I got many notes from readers pointing out that he couldn't be re-elected in 2012 because of the two-term limit - and in fact many notes on his original candidacy that he wasn't a natural-born US citizen. But are you going to point either of these out to his face?

Oddly, I don't think I got a single complaint that he was an Allosaurus and not a human.

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