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<   No. 3996   2019-05-20   >

Comic #3996

1 Serron: You can't take our cargo by force!
2 Thug: This is Triana. There are no laws here. We can do anything we want.
3 Quercus: I'm feeling a hankering for crushing some humans...
4 Thug: Aaand... now we want to leave you alone. See?
4 Serron: I love this planet!

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I take all the names for planets in the comic from the GURPS space roleplaying campaign I ran years ago, and some of the details of the worlds - although not all of the details.

In my campaign, Triana was a world fairly close to Earth, and one of the first human colony worlds. The native life was restricted to microbial level, so humans imported a lot of plants and animals.

The main interesting feature of Triana in my campaign was that the planet is almost tide-locked to its sun, Eta Cassiopeiae. Its rotation period is so slow that it's sunlight for 78 Earth days, followed by a night time of 78 Earth days. The richer inhabitants who don't want to endure 78 Earth days of continual darkness maintain multiple dwellings in different cities, and migrate every few weeks, following the sun. The poor people just have to schlep through the incredibly long nights. There are also some moving cities, that slowly crawl across the landscape, more or less keeping pace with the sun, so that they are in perpetual daylight. I'm not sure yet if this is also true in the comic - we haven't been here long enough to see.

One major difference is that in my campaign Triana was not the lawless libertarian world that we see in the comic.

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