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<   No. 3950   2019-03-15   >

Comic #3950

1 Serron: I needed to store my selfies somewhere, and the backup drive was just sitting there not being used for anything...
2 Paris: It was being used for backups!
3 Paris: Why do you need so many photos of yourself anyway?
4 Serron: To document the places and dates when I've faked that I was there. Good for establishing alibis.

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An alibi is where a criminal defendant attempts to prove that they couldn't have committed the alleged offence because they were somewhere else when the crime was committed. Interestingly, as mentioned on Wikipedia: The Criminal Law Deskbook of Criminal Procedure states: "Alibi is different from all of the other defenses; it is based upon the premise that the defendant is truly innocent."

All of the other criminal defences listed in the navigation box on that page are defences in which the accused did commit the alleged criminal act, but in which they are not legally responsible for the act because of circumstance, for example being coerced or mentally incompetent.

Which makes me wonder, what is it called when you were there - and thus can't provide the alibi that you were somewhere else - but you didn't actually commit the act?

I guess that's why Dr Richard Kimble got convicted of killing his wife.

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