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<   No. 3769   2017-11-23   >

Comic #3769

1 Spanners: We need more subjective time! Let's go into cyberspace and install the patch there.
2 Iki Piki: Doesn't time pass more slowly there? A minute there is a month of real time?
2 Spanners: The last patch reversed that.
3 Serron: I always wondered. Wouldn't it be easier just to make subjective time in cyberspace pass at the same rate as reality?
4 Spanners: Oh, lord no! That's a technological impossibility. Next you'll be wanting social media posts to appear in chronological order.

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Imagine finding a cool webcomic that you like and finding it has an archive of strips to work through. You go to the "first" link and read the first comic, and settle in for a nice big archive binge. You hit "next", "next", "next"...

Then the site brings up a page showing you comic 279 instead of comic 4. "We thought you'd like to see this comic next! It's really cool!"

Annoyed, you hit "next" again, and go to comic 4, then 5, then 6, then...

"Here's comic 712! You might not have noticed this one yet!"

"Next" to comic 7. Comic 8...

"Oh, this is a good one, a lot of people liked this one, it's comic 152!"


Actually, I just had a really good idea how to improve the navigation for this comic site. Oh my god. Everyone will love it.

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