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<   No. 375   2004-02-04   >

Comic #375

1 Ñ: If you carry a 0x0 number it means you're licensed to kill, not get killed. From now on, you carry a new gun. Ü?
2 Ü: Walther PPK. 7.65mm with a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window.
2 Stud: A gun? Is that all?
3 Stud: No homer? Exploding keyring? Laser watch?
3 Ü: This is only your first movie. We don't have the budget for those yet.
4 Stud: But I get my Aston-Martin, right?
4 Ü: A car? Ho ho ho ho...!

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2013-01-09 Rerun commentary: Dr No was made on a budget of US$1 million, a small amount in 1962 for a large-scale action film with location shooting. Many of the sets and props were designed and built in as budget-conscious a way as possible. Additionally, the film's art director, Syd Cain, does not appear in the credits because he was left out by mistake, and producer Cubby Broccoli decided not to spend the money to reshoot the credits. Instead, he gave Cain a gold pen to compensate (which was cheaper than refilming the credit sequence).

With the success of Dr No, later Bond films got progressively more generous budgets, allowing the development of more spectacular sets and spy gadgetry.

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