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<   No. 3737   2017-09-28   >

Comic #3737

1 Spanners: Guys, calm down. The latest version of our autopilot can land the ship under almost any conditions.
2 Iki Piki: Including there being an idiot on the bridge?
3 Spanners: You downloaded and installed the software patches back on Bune, right?
4 Serron: I can honestly say that every patch I downloaded, I installed.
4 Spanners: Good.
4 Iki Piki: Wait…

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This presented an interesting problem of laying out the speech balloons in the last panel. You can see that if I'd put Iki Piki's "Wait" up as high as Spanners' "Good", then you would have read them in the wrong order.

I only hope that what I did makes you read them in the correct order...

It's somewhat surprising that I don't have problems like this more often. But I suppose in a the majority of strips there's never more than two people speaking in any one panel, so the task of ordering them doesn't generate this sort of problem.

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