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<   No. 3535   2016-10-10   >

Comic #3535

1 Serron: Hey, all. I'm back.
2 Spanners: What was it like on the Cybe ship? It must have been fascinating, seeing alien technology gathered from all over the Galaxy.
3 Serron: It was all this fancy stuff everywhere, gleaming organic shapes in shiny metal with sparkly bits.
4 Spanners: Sounds wonderful!
4 Serron: Nah, it was all bolted down!

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It would be great to explore an alien space ship.

Except of course you wouldn't know what anything does. You'd accidentally activate the food dispensers and have hot alien soup squirted down your pants, or get your arm stuck in some sort of weird iris-opening doorway hatch thingy, or you'd touch a panel and the back half the of the ship would fall off.

Actually, sounds like Serron's sort of fun!

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