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Comic #3353

1 {photo of a market in Casablanca}
1 Caption: Trip highlights

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I have returned from my vacation (to Morocco and Spain). I only managed to buffer enough new material to cover my time away, and I've been too affected by jetlag and getting back into normal routine to have enough time to write much for today. I haven't even processed enough photos to present a decently representative album of the trip. So, some textual highlights:

When I was a child and watched some game shows on TV, they offered prizes such as cars, or trips to Europe. I used to think that a trip was the absolute worst thing you could win, because after you've been and returned home, you have nothing left to show for it. I figured that winning material goods had to be better.

But taking a trip to experience a foreign culture - its language, its food, its customs, and its history - is possibly the most amazing and valuable thing you can ever do in your life. You learn that people are really the same everywhere, even if we express ourselves in an infinite diversity of ways. We laugh at the same things, we cry at the same things. We get along, even without speaking the same language or having the same habits. And the things that other people do are so different and fascinating. We don't all have to be the same - in fact we would lose so much of our essential humanity if we were all the same.

If you ever get, or can possibly make, the opportunity: Go visit the world. It's worth every cent, and then some.

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