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<   No. 322   2003-12-13   >

Comic #322

1 Spanners: I've patched the compuchronic transfer system. We should be safe from OS bleedthrough from the CPU cycles we're stealing from the past.
2 Spanners: No more Blue Screen Of Death.
2 Iki Piki: Will that lead to any other problems?
3 Spanners: The worst that can happen is the time-shift may drift a little.
4 Allosaurus: {now on the bridge} RAAARRRHHH!

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After seeing strip #296, Glen Barnett suggested this as a follow-up. But as you can see, I had to go through quite the story arc to get here, taking 9 intermediate strips.

This sort of thing seems to happen a lot. Someone suggests a good joke, but in order to get the characters into a situation to use it I find myself meandering on a long, convoluted path that seems to keep evolving and suggesting more jokes along the way. The Monty Jones/Haken/Star Wars crossover and the Steve in Nigeria arcs were others where similar things happened.

2012-11-08 Rerun commentary: Nine intermediate strips?! Wow, I got to a planned joke a lot faster back in the early days of this comic. There are some cases later on where I'd go through a year-long storyline just to set up some sleazy pun.

The last panel here is very unusual, in showing a side view of the spaceship Legacy bridge. I obviously needed to do this to fit in the Allosaurus, resulting in him appearing with a blank white background, as there was never any more to the bridge set than the windows and control panels that you always see. The effect is pretty bad. Ick.

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