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<   No. 3196   2011-10-27   >

Comic #3196

1 Caption: League of Good Guys agglomerate! A new mence arises, that threatens not just the world, but the very fabric of space and time itself. Sound off! Captain Spatula...
1 Captain Spatula: In brightest day, indarkest night, no pancake shall escape my sight.
2 Caption: Refractive Man...
2 Refractive Man: Bend it like a rainbow, baby!
3 Caption: Dino Boy...
3 Dino Boy: Oh, man! Doorknobs - my only weakness!
4 Caption: Last (and probably least) Worm Master!
4 Worm Master: Arise, my conqueror worms! Duty beckons and we shall - wait, whaddya mean "least"?
5 Caption: Do they have the resolve, the strength of will, the sheer power to face their gravest threat to date? Can they survive an encounter with...
6 Caption: ... the Apathetic Artist?
6 Dean Stahl: *sigh*
7 {the heroes are stupefied}
8 Caption: ... perhaps not.
8 Captain Spatula: Stick a fork in us, we're done.
8 Refractive Man: Uh, can we go back to fighting the Axis of Antagonists?
8 Worm Master: Yeah, that's gonna happen...
8 Dino Boy: Pardon me, gents, but extinction is beckoning. Again.

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The long-suffering League of Good Guys get another run in this strip by Andrew Bird. Andrew doesn't have a webcomic of his own, but is an established guest artist here on Irregular Webcomic!, with contributions to strips #1157, #1346, #1536, #1580, and #1852, plus some wonderful pieces of fan art (search for his name on that page).

Dean Stahl of course provided artwork for the entire Supers theme, but alas demands on his time (like drawing jobs that actually pay for his food and rent) have prevented him from contributing for some time now.

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