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<   No. 3194   2011-10-25   >

Comic #3194

1 Eddy: {a wizard} Duke Lucas! Queen Clover! Not you too!
1 Clover: {a halfling, Queen of Drostardy} What's going on, Eddy?
2 Eddy: I don't know! I woke up this morning and the whole kingdom had been turned into... Well, metal and plastic and photographic backdrops!
2 Lucas: {Duke of Greyfort} Is there any way to fix it?
3 Lucas: What the...??
4 The Doctor: {the fourth one} Hello. I'm the Doctor. And I believe I can help out a little bit. I know who's responsible for all of this.
4 Clover: Really? Who?
5 Genie: {just a genie} Any more wishes? You got lots left! C'mon, gimme another one. Dis is fun!
5 Cap'n Fang: {a kobold} CHEESE! There must be more cheese!

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Rich Morris has gone out of his comfort zone to build and photograph today's guest strip. Rich normally draws the long-running and popular Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, a strip about the lives of a bunch of monsters who live in Black Mountain, and have to put up with pesky fantasy adventurers occasionally coming in and trying to kill them. Those of you who already know the strip will get a bonus kick out of today's guest comic. Those who don't... check it out!

YAFGC has been updating daily since 2006, and the archive is available in a couple of published books, as well as on the website.

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