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<   No. 2909   2011-01-13   >

Comic #2909

1 {scene: a hospital on Bune}
1 Iki Piki: Hi, we need some pachekki and sparrial organs implanted to replace ones we lost.
2 Nurse: What a coincidence. We just bought these organs off a completely legitimate organ dealer. Very expensive.
3 Serron: Hey! Those are ours!
3 Nurse: Not until you pay for them.
4 Iki Piki: You want us to buy our own organs back?
4 Nurse: Health care at its finest.

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I don't ever recall a real life nurse wearing a uniform with a red cross anywhere on it. I guess a LEGO nurse needs to have some sort of identifying mark so you don't confuse them for a dentist.

Several readers wrote to tell me that the International Red Cross is very strict about enforcing proper use of the red cross symbol, and that using it in a manner not endorsed by the Red Cross is in fact a violation of the Geneva Convention. The red cross symbol is intended to mark non-combatant medical personnel and facilities in combat zones, and any dilution of that by unauthorised use can jeopardise lives. For this reason, non-Red Cross medical facilities such as normal hospitals or pharmacies may only use other symbols such as green or blue crosses, never red ones.

There is an exception to this, in that the Red Cross occasionally endorses use of the red cross symbol on small, promotional items. I will assume that the LEGO Group obtained this permission in order to produce minifigures with the red cross on them.

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