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<   No. 2131   2008-11-26   >

Comic #2131

1 Robot: This station controls helm and navigation. And here are the time travel controls.
1 {in the foreground, a rat runs across the bridge}
2 Serron: Wait, did you say time travel? This ship is capable of travelling through time?
2 Robot: Yes.
2 {a white cat chases the rat}
3 Iki Piki: Is this a standard feature of ships from your culture?
4 Robot: No. It's an optional extra, like the leather seats and hi-fi system. See what a great deal this ship is?
4 {the rat disappears off screen, followed by the cat}

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What would a sound system from the far future sound like? Would it be any noticeably better than what we have now in top-end audio gear?

Actually, I'm just amused by the idea of a robot from an advanced alien culture referring to it as a "hi-fi" system.

2020-12-27 Rerun commentary: I reckon these advanced aliens might even have 8-track tapes and quadrophonic sound.

Personally, I skipped the CD phase entirely in my car audio system. I went from using cassette tapes directly to using a phone with Bluetooth. I'm guessing this experience is actually not all that uncommon.

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