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<   No. 2076   2008-10-02   >

Comic #2076

1 Paris: So where to now?
1 Serron: Faagrin.
1 Serron 2: Banforth.
2 Serron: I'm the merchant here. I know the markets where we can get the best profit.
3 Serron 2: I'm from the future. I know the actual outcome of these events.
4 Serron: So who do you trust?
4 Paris: Setting course for Vallauris.

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The third option is sometimes the best.

2020-06-20 Rerun commentary: This is (so far) the only comic in which the worlds of Faagrin, Banforth, and Vallauris are mentioned. I have notes on all three planets, taken from the original roleplaying game on which the Space theme comics are based:

Faagrin is a planet in a global ice age, which actually began after it was colonised, caused by the impact winter effect from an asteroid collision. Imagine Hoth, but with a handful of dug-in cities hardened against the perpetual ice. My notes say that one of the main attractions of the planet is the famous Day-Long Ski Run.

Banforth is also a chilly planet, but with some liquid water oceans covered by extensive polar ice caps. The temperature only ever gets above freezing near the equator, where the landmasses are almost incessantly blasted by cold winds bringing heavy rain and snow. Sounds positively luxurious compared to Faagrin.

Vallauris by contrast is steamy and tropical, with the polar regions the only places cool enough for humans to be vaguely comfortable.

I guess Paris likes warm weather.

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