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<   No. 1894   2008-04-03   >

Comic #1894

1 Serron: The easy way to prove who's who is to ask us something only the real Iki Piki and Serron would know.
2 Iki Piki: What?! That's never going to work! That's a stupid idea!
3 Serron: Ah yes, that's the beauty of it. When they realise how stupid it is, they'll figure only the real me could have come up with it!
4 Serron 2: Well it sounds like a great idea to me.

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How would you convince someone that someone who is really you isn't really you?

2018-11-19 Rerun commentary: The horizon of the ocean is a bit disconcertingly high. I think I'd try to make it a bit lower if I were making this comic today.

The horizon normally feels like it's at eye level, no matter how high up you are. Putting a horizon line through at the height of a character's eyes thus feels normal and natural. If it's high like this, that means effectively that the camera position is way above the level of the characters. In particular, the camera must be higher than Quercus's eyes - at least if that horizon level makes sense. In reality, the camera angle isn't really that high - it's somewhere between the eyes of the shorter characters and those of Quercus. So that's roughly where the horizon should be to make this scene feel a bit more natural.

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