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<   No. 1886   2008-03-26   >

Comic #1886

1 Number 1: According to your instructions, Number 5, I've planned for SPECTRE to steal from the Russians their new Lektor decoding machine.
2 Number 1: We need the services of a female member of the Russian Cryptograph Section in Turkey and... the help of the British Secret Service.
3 Kronsteen: Well, calling it "help" would be an extremely generous characterisation.
3 Number 1: How so, Number 5?
4 Kronsteen: Because the man the British will almost certainly use on a mission of this sort would be their agent... James Stud.

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The plot of the film version of From Russia With Love deviates from the book in that, where the book posits SMERSH as the force behind the plot, the movie attributes the plan to the fictional independent villainous organisation SPECTRE. In fact this is a very clever change, which adds significant depth and intrigue to the plot, as SPECTRE initially trick James Bond into thinking the Russians are behind the plan he has been assigned to foil, and plays the Russian and British secret services off against one another.

2018-11-11 Rerun commentary: I was going to mention that the next James Bond film, Goldfinger, also makes a significant plot improvement over the original novel, but a quick search shows that I've already mentioned this before.

Come to think of it, although the Ian Fleming books are classics and I really like them, most of the movies are improved in one way or another.

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