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<   No. 1854   2008-02-23   >

Comic #1854

1 {scene: The grounds of a chateau at night.}
1 [sound]: click THOOM! THOOM! {Floodlights illuminate the scene of the mysterious killer standing over the dead James Stud.}
2 Morzeny: Exactly one minute, fifty-two seconds. That's excellent.
3 Morzeny: The real James Stud doesn't stand a chance. Let me just remove the mask from this stand-in.
4 Grant: Wait, that wasn't him? Ah, that explains why it took me so long.

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Yes folks, that wasn't really James Stud dying!

The early James Bond films had a strong death motif in their pre-credit sequences, with Bond apparently dying (or at least the audience briefly tricked into believing Bond might possibly be dead) in at least three of them.

Interestingly, when this scene was filmed, the extra who played the dead guy under the mask accidentally had a face that somewhat resembled Sean Connery. When director Terence Young watched the rushes for the shot, he saw that it was easy to confuse them because of the dim lighting, and not understand that the man wasn't actually James Bond. So he reshot the scene with the extra given a moustache by make-up, to make his face look different.

2018-10-10 Rerun commentary: When I wrote this strip, I struggled to find the right sound effects for the turning on of the massive movie lights. You know the sound I mean. Everyone knows the sound. But try to express it as a string of onomatopoeic letters and it's rather difficult.

I ended up asking people to suggest how to write down this sound - I forget on what medium I asked. And this was the most convincing sound effect I got.

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