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<   No. 1793   2007-12-24   >

Comic #1793

1 {Collection of scenes from vintage Christmas cards. First is a snowy scene showing a couple in a horse-drawn sleigh fleeing from their home, while Cthulhu manifests semi-transparently in the sky behind them.}
1 [caption]: Oh! You better watch out,/You better go to ground,/Your reason's in doubt,/If you stick around./Cthulhu is coming to town!
2 {Two rosy-cheeked girls in Victorian dress, rugged up against the cold, tossing snowballs playfully while the eerie presence of Cthulhu supervises over their shoulders.}
2 [caption]: He's making a tome,/For cultists to find,/He's gonna make sure/You're losing your mind./Cthulhu is coming to town!
3 {A baby sleeping peacefully, with tiny booties and mistletoe sprinkled across the blanket, with Cthulhu in a jolly red hat observing and extending his tentacles to molest the baby's dreaming face.}
3 [caption]: He manifests when you're dreaming,/He lurks when you're awake./He doesn't care if you've been bad or good,/Your sanity's his to take!
4 {Couples under umbrellas fleeing their village on foot through driving snow as Cthulhu manifests in the sky above.}
4 [caption]: So, you better get out,/Better run if you can/Your brains will ooze out,/Lose d20 SAN./Cthulhu is coming to town!

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Yes, it's that time of year again: Time for our regular Lovecraft-inspired Christmas carol. This one is based on the tune Santa Claus is Coming to Town. The images, as last year, are from vintage Christmas cards. As you can see from these unaltered old cards, they had some amazing insights into what was really happening back then. I especially like the fact that the two cutesy girls tossing snowballs are, when you examine the card closely, in fact crazed Cthulhu cultists.

And for a special bonus, we've actually recorded the song this year. With our own special musical arrangement. It's available as Irregular Podcast! #16.

2018-08-10 Rerun commentary: Looking at this again, I'm a bit embarrassed by the slightly tortured scansion. But hey, Cthulhu-esque carols should be all about the nasty effects on one's brain.

The lyrics font, by the way, is Santa's Big Secret from Blambot. In case you want a font that informs you that Santa's Big Secret is that he's a high-ranking Cthulhu cultist.

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