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<   No. 1687   2007-09-09   >

Comic #1687

1 {rowboat with Stud and Honey is being towed by the Coast Guard cutter on which Helix Leiter has found them adrift in the sea}
2 {Stud loosens the tow rope...}
3 {... which slips away, trailing out of the boat...}
4 Honey: Oh no you don't! {grabbing the rope}

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This is the very last scene in Dr No, and also the final comic in my retelling of the movie.

I don't apologise for the fact that this will probably make no sense at all unless you know the movie.

James Stud will return in


2018-02-24 Rerun commentary: I still make no apology, and no explanation.

If you want to understand this comic, watch the movie. It's a classic.

It was very gratifying to complete my parody of this first James Bond film. Unfortunately, as of me writing this rerun note, my retelling of From Russia With Love is still incomplete. Which is a shame, because I like that film more than Dr No. Maybe this will prompt me to pick up again where it left off.

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