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<   No. 1669   2007-08-22   >

Comic #1669

1 {scene: The open sea off Crab Key, in the Caribbean. James Stud and Honey are in a small boat in the foreground, watching the island.}
1 [sound]: Fwackoom!!! {the island explodes}
2 Stud: Well. We're adrift in an empty sea after the nearest land has been blown sky high by a nuclear explosion. Thanks to me!
3 Stud: We must now do our bit to ensure the continuation of the human race.
4 Honey: I agree.
4 Stud: You do?
4 Honey: Yes, but I don't have a lethal weapon handy.

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Now I know that a nuclear reactor blowing up is not necessarily (and in fact very unlikely to be) a nuclear explosion in the traditional sense of the word. But James Stud is not so familiar with these technicalities.

2018-01-13 Rerun commentary: James Stud is referring (in the second panel) more or less to a dirty bomb, which is what this explosion would really be.

James Stud is referring (in the third panel) to turning this story into an Adam and Eve plot.

Fortunately there are no science fiction editors approving these comics before publication. (Read the article linked above for context.)

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