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<   No. 1658   2007-08-11   >

Comic #1658

1 Paris: Dang, their communicators are switched off. Right then, let's go.
1 Spanners: Go?
2 Paris: We can make this cargo run in two days and be back probably before Serron and Iki Piki even realise we're gone. And save the docking fees.
3 {beat}
4 Spanners: Quercus, prep engines for immediate departure.
4 Quercus: {over intercom} Already started, Mr Spanners.

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I originally wanted to start with the GM saying with some desperation that Serron and Iki Piki must have their communicators switched off, but then I wouldn't have had room for the all-important silent panel.

2017-12-17 Rerun commentary: That all-important silent panel shows that the bridge of the Legacy is ridiculously large. I guess even a small merchant vessel can afford lots of empty interior space. It's kind of a trope (or two) in non-gritty science fiction that the ships have a lot more interior space than could be justified in real life.

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