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<   No. 1600   2007-06-14   >

Comic #1600

1 Me: You may be wondering where the next instalment of James Stud and Dr No is.
2 Me: There will be a short delay in continuing the story. Because I only have one radiation suit.
3 Me: But mostly because, of course, being the climactic scene of a James Stud story...
4 Me: I have to construct and then destroy the largest set built out of Lego bricks, ever!

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That is, of course, one of the cool things about James Bond films, at least in the early years of production. The climactic battle always took place in an enormous set that established a new record for "most gigantic film set ever built and then destroyed during filming".

Hmmm. I wonder if you could take the bookshelf in the background and correlate it with similar images I've used over the years and work out something about my book collection habits. Besides the obvious accumulation of Harry Potter hardbacks, that is. Speaking of which...

2017-08-05 Rerun commentary: The topmost visible shelf here is actually filled with my wife's books, which is why you may recognise the spines of various novels by Marian Keyes and Carolyn Hart and other such authors.

Just looking at the shelves now, some things have been rearranged completely while other parts are still very similar to how they appear in this comic.

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